Physical Activity and Nutrition INfluences In ageing

Multi-disciplinary project in which 11 doctoral students, hosted by the consortium partners, examined the effect of physical activity and nutrition on aging-related changes, considering both genetic and social factors.

Life expectancy increases dramatically in Europe, but sadly the healthy period of most seniors is not keeping pace with complications for health, social care and pensions leading to estimated costs more than doubled by 2050.
Contributing to healthy aging over the development of frailty and developing the necessary interventions to influence social policy and promote healthy aging is a priority in Europe.

Given the significant impact of lifestyle factors on aging and diseases developed in the elderly, there is a surprising lack of innovative multidisciplinary training and research examining the influence of physical activity and nutrition on changes related to health at the gene and social level. PANINI has addressed this gap by coordinating research laboratories across Europe to study aging through the training of 11 ESRs in scientific disciplines to create a holistic approach to the challenge of aging in the 21st century.

PANINI is a European training network with 8 world-leading beneficiaries working on healthy aging and 10 non-academic partners carefully selected for quality and range of sectors. PANINI’s vision is to implement cross-sectoral multidisciplinary research and the training of a new cohort of researchers who adopt a radically innovative approach to overcome the challenge of healthy aging.

Other partners involved in the project:
  • Age UKUK – Research Department – Nominated Project Lead – Training and Dissemination
  • UNIE KBONetherlands – Policy/public affairs – Ms. Ellen Willemsen – Dissemination
  • HUR LtdFinland – N/A – Mr Jussi Jaakola – Training and secondments
  • HUR Labs LtdFinland – N/A – Mr Jussi Jaakola – Training and secondments
  • Danone Nutricia ResearchNetherlands – Research in Muscle & Mobility – Dr Sjors Verlaan – Training and secondments
  • Move it or Lose itUK – N/A – Ms Julie Robinson – Training
  • University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation TrustUK – N/A – Prof Phil Begg – Training and secondments
  • ScriptoriaUK – N/A – Dr Sandy Williams – Training
  • Blueberry Training LtdUK – N/A – Dr Andrew Corcoran – Training
  • Joint Research CentreItaly – Institute for Health & Consumer Protection – Dr Sandra Caldeira – Training and secondments
PANINI project

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