Predictive tests for bone diseases

We are by your side to support you with a test, unique of its kind, in the genetic diagnosis of diseases of the skeletal system.

Our genetic tests are dedicated to the early diagnosis of different bone diseases, ensuring high quality standards at every stage of the predictive process and in the interpretation of data.
Our genetic tests are dedicated to investigating specific pathologies and related diagnostic evidence.

Why take the tests

The tests represent a useful tool not only for corroborating the clinical diagnosis of skeletal system diseases, but also for the purpose of determining the most suitable therapeutic strategies.

Who they are for

The tests are aimed at all patients involved in a diagnostic process, in whose anamnesis the suspicion of a pathology of mineral and bone metabolism of genetic aetiology arises.

What the tests detect

The tests analyze the coding sequence and the related exon / intron junctions of the genes involved in congenital bone dysplasias, bone mineralization defects and congenital disorders of the parathyroid glands.


The analyzes have analytical sensitivity and specificity greater than 99%. Tests detect small sequence variations (single nucleotide changes, insertions / deletions of a few base pairs).

Our predictive tests for bone diseases

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