At your side in the delicate path of PMA, to offer you all the serenity you need.

Our genetic tests allow us to establish the most appropriate method of PMA (Medically Assisted Procreation) and, in relation to the couple’s medical history, to optimize the chances of success of the intervention.

Why take the tests

Numerous mutations predisposing to genetic pathologies and infertility are widespread in the general population. The proposed tests identify the presence / absence of variants in genes that predispose to reduced female and male fertility.

Who the tests are for

We offer these tests to all couples who want to undertake an MAP to give you all the security you need.

What the tests detect

These genetic tests make it possible to highlight anomalies that can be associated with the main and most widespread genetic pathologies, a reduction in fertility or a greater probability of having children affected by the same pathologies.

Our genetic tests for medically assisted procreation

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