Our business conforms to institutional accreditation standards, UNI EN ISO9001 certification and SIGUCERT accreditation

Personal Genomics has a Quality Management System created to offer guarantees to patients, doctors and researchers. For this purpose, the laboratory is UNI EN ISO9001 certified, SIGUCERT accredited (Quality management system for medical genetics laboratories) and accredited by the Veneto Region (accreditation code: 768225). The quality of the results is guaranteed through the execution of internal quality controls and participation in international circuits (EMQN and EQA) of External Quality Verifications (VEQ).

Veneto Reagion – ULSS 9

Our activities comply with the high process standards required by institutional accreditation
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We follow the SIGUCERT guidelines dictated by SIGU, the Italian Society of Human Genetics
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Bureau Veritas ISO 9001

Our activities are organized according to the principles of the ISO 9001 standard
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