Why get tested?

Genetic testing of this variant is indicated: in both individuals of a couple in the case of repeated IVF treatment failures or idiopathic recurrent spontaneous abortions and in the patient in case of heterologous insemination, to identify a donor with the HLA- genotype G compatible.

What the test detects and what the polymorphysm causes

The test identifies the presence of an insertion / deletion of 14 base pairs in the 3 ‘untranslated region of the gene (3 UTR) which has been associated with the increased risk of spontaneous abortions.

How testing works

The genetic test consists in the execution of a blood sampling, in the extraction of the genomic DNA and in the genotyping of the insertion / deletion of 14 base pairs (rs16375) using the CE-IVD HLA-001 kit, based on the real-time qPCR technique.

Reporting time

Results in 8-10 working days.

Sensitivity and specificity

Analytical sensitivity and specificity > 99,9%.

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