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Your solution provider in genomics

We are a leading provider of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) genomic analysis and data interpretation services for the patient, clinical diagnostics and research world. We aim to bridge the gap between the exponential scientific progress developed in genomic research laboratories and their application in the field of health care and preventive and personalized medicine.

Our medical genetics laboratory is authorised and certified to perform tests for the italian National health system (SSN).

Born as a spin-off of the University of Verona in 2011 and subsequently of the University of Bologna in 2013, in 2017 it became part of the SOL Group, undertaking a growth path that led it to become a high-quality level medical genetics laboratory.

Our dynamic and cutting-edge team works every day to contribute to the advancement of scientific research in the field of human genetics. Our ambition is to collaborate on the new concept of medicine, providing new approaches and information crucial for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy in the treatment of diseases.
We are well aware that each genetic analysis need corresponds to a different technological platform, a different library preparation protocol and a customized bioinformatics analysis: this is why we are always by your side to identify together the process that best suits your needs.

The best sequencing for you

There are several technologies available on the market to carry out the sequencing activity: our team is able to identify the most suitable protocol for your research.

The best genotyping for your project

We use different technologies for preparing libraries for genotyping. Knowing the kits available on the market is the result of our always active research and comparison work.

Panels customized for you

Our research experience has allowed us to develop highly efficient gene panels for the most frequent clinical situations, bringing the analysis to a personalized level.

Predictive tests for cardiovascular pathologies

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Personal Vision, prenatal non invasive test

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Gut microbiome genetic test

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Our solutions

We are the ideal partner for the execution in perfect efficiency of important and irreplaceable services.

We provide tests and services in the world of research and clinical diagnostics, applying various technologies in the health field at the service of diagnosis and treatment of patients, promoting appropriate behaviors and providing effective health services.

Clinical diagnostics
NGS custom services

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