Personal Liquid Biopsy tests are CE-IVD marked

Why get tested?

The liquid biopsy is a test that can be repeated over time allowing to obtain real time updated information on the progression of the tumor, which can be useful to guide the clinician towards the best therapeutic option.
The purpose of Personal Liquid Biopsy test is to characterize the CtDNA from a molecular point of view to support diagnosis, contribute to the evaluation of a prognosis and guide towards the most appropriate therapeutic option for the patient.

What the test detects

The test allows to investigate hotspot mutation regions of the 16 cancer-specific genes most commonly involved in the genesis of cancer: ALK, FGFR3, KIT, PDGFRA, BRAF, HRAS, KRAS, PIK3CA, EGFR, IDH1, MET, RET, ERBB2, IDH2, NRAS and ROS1.
The test uses internal controls for the validation of the procedure and of the analytic session, it has a detection limit of variants present with an allele frequency ≥ 5%

How testing works

The analysis is made from an easy blood test from which the plasma is isolated and subsequently the DNA is extracted. The analysis is carried out using a certified kit for in vitro diagnostic (Myriapod NGS Cancer panel DNA, CE-IVD) that entails the amplification and sequencing through new generation techniques (NGS). The data obtained are analysed through a complex bioinformatics analysis, to identify the presence of any genetic mutations.

Reporting time

Results in 10-15 working days.

Sensitivity and specificity

Analytical sensitivity, specificity and accuracy > 99%.


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