Why get tested?

The genetic test is indicated in all those who lead a sexually active life, both in the young and adult age groups. Sexually transmitted infections are diseases in continuous expansion, which represent one of the most important public health problems worldwide and nationally. Infections manifest themselves with local or general symptoms but can also proceed in a completely asymptomatic manner. Early prevention, diagnosis and therapies reduce the development of pathologies and limit the risk of contagion.

What the test detects and what the variants cause

The test allows the identification of one or more selected pathogens or in the TMST combination, which includes Chlamidya Trachomatis, Neisseria Gonorhoeae, Mycoplasma Fenitalium and Hominii, Ureaplasma Urealiticum and Parvum and Trichomonas Vaginalis. The genetic test is able to identify whether the subject has contracted one or more sexually transmitted diseases and this allows you to set up any targeted therapy or more frequent screening.

How testing works

The genetic test consists in a blood withdrawal, in the extraction of the genomic DNA and in the analysis of one or more of one of the aforementioned pathogens using the CE-IVD Anyplex TM II STI-7 Detection 50 rxns kit based on the real technique -time PCR.

Reporting time

Results in 5-7 working days.

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